This is my life and my story and I can’t lie about it
— isaiah lee


Rising rap artist, lyrist, and performer, Isaiah Stokes, who performs as Isaiah Lee, was born in Chester, Pennsylvania. Isaiah Lee is the product of a musically inclined family who are well-known throughout the Delaware Valley for their ability to play teach piano, sing and play keyboards.  Unlike his family, Lee found his musical niche through his inherent ability to play the drums and piano in church.  Though he was an accomplished musician, Lee always had a deep-seated passion for rap and sincere zeal for performing. Since his youth, he saw himself as one day being a performer who would eventually put lyrics to his own music.  The primary epitasis which solidified Lee’s passion was hearing his brother and cousin perform on a nationally-syndicated radio station, based out of Philadelphia. It was at this moment that Lee then decided to take the progressive steps to jumpstart his rap career!  


In 2002, Lee and his family moved to Delaware to start a new life and for better education. When Lee was 16-years old, he released his first mixtape titled, “Get Outta My Lane”. This mixtape was managed and produced by his former manager, Austin Daniels. After he released his second  mixtape, which received rave reviews from his peers and other local rappers, he was asked to be featured on the Tri-State Tour. This tour was hosted by many local colleges, universities and bars in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 


Subsequent to the tour, Lee was contacted by Atlantic Records to perform his hit song, Don't Feel That for producer, Anthony Thompson. After his performance, he received great praise and much notoriety for his skillful lyrics and unique performing style. Later he gained the support of the Atlantic Record’s network, he then released his next single titled, Getting Live. He immediately gained the attention from the press and several radio stations (e.g., Kiss 101.7, DJ Big Ant, and DJ Bran (Meek Mills DJ)). This song earned Lee many interviews and much radio time, as he was the first Delaware artist to gain such distinction for his work. With much attention still on Lee, he released an EP titled, “Fly Motivation”. The EP sold out in stores in Delaware (i.e., One Stop, Sam’s Music, etc.). It also gained much social media traction, 5,000+ listeners (, 2,000+ views (, and 1,000+ views (Youtube). 


Alternatively, Lee released his last mixtape titled, “Fly Motivation”. In conjunction to his music, Lee aspires to build his clothing and apparel brand called, “Fly Motivation”. He is currently working on new music and he looks forward to releasing it all in 2016 and another EP in early 2017.   


Lee looks forward to traveling and preforming in towns and cities near you. For booking information, please contact his booking agent at: .